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Issue No. 1 — April, 2019 – Your guide to The Business of Cannabis B2B events and industry news
Onward to St. Louis, Industry News
In this issue: Cannabis Industrial Marketplace prepares for its next cannabis industry B2B event, this time in metro St. Louis — get the who, what, where, when and why; also: the latest relevant news on the emerging cannabis markets in Missouri and Illinois
Gateway to a New Market
On July 23 & 24, 2019, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace will hold an industry B2B event at the Gateway Center in metro St. Louis (Collinsville, Ill.), hosting thousands of cannabis insiders and experts under one roof.
Join us to learn about the latest legislation licensing, along with growing, selling, and production strategies for your cannabis or marijuana business.
Also learn about certification and best practices, along with specialization such as extraction and concentrates/tincture, etc.
Booths are available, so contact our sales team via to secure space at the Gateway Center.
Establishing a presence in metro St. Louis could certainly help lead to meaningful brand recognition in Missouri and Illinois.
Missouri/Illinois Cannabis News
Both Missouri and Illinois are making aggressive pushes toward the legalization of marijuana.
These two states could be major markets in the near future
Missouri just
decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana; the state continues to move toward changing its cannabis laws

Missouri just allotted

more than $3 million in anticipation of medical marijuana market

In Illinois, Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx wants to
erase thousands of prior marijuana convictions
Illinois wants to set aside
$8 million to regulate a potential recreational cannabis market
More and more colleges and universities in Illinois are
offering marijuana cultivation courses

Program in Illinois allows medical patients to

trade opiods for marijuana

Success in Tulsa
On April 3 & 4, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace held a cannabis B2B at Central Park Hall in Tulsa, Okla.
A massive success, vendors and attendees reaped benefits while establishing connections in Oklahoma’s rapidly growing cannabis space.
John Hartsell of DizPot attended his first CIMP B2B in Birch Run, Mich., and was more than pleased with the results from Tulsa.
“This was our second (Cannabis Industrial Marketplace) event. Two times in a row, the organization has really provided a positive environment for us,” Hartsell said. “Everybody we’ve talked to, or are really close to, are qualified buyers of what we sell, which is packaging specific to the cannabis industry.
And that’s really important to us, because we get a high-quality conversation with a lot of customers all in one place, and a new market (Oklahoma) for us. It really puts us on the map. We really appreciate the heck out of you guys.”
CPAMD, Ltd. Takes Lead Sponsor Role for Chicago
We would like to welcome CPAMD, Ltd. as the lead sponsor for our Chicago-area B2B event Sept. 19-20 at the Donald J. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.
Leaders in the cannabis-related tax field, CPAMD offers expert consultation and services designed with you in mind.
Whether it’s structuring your organization or analyzing market trends, CPAMD wants to help put your business in the best possible position.


We are industry experts with operating agreements, software selections, business valuations, and other related medicinal cannabis tax and accounting issues. Our highly qualified staff of CPA’s are available to assist with business structuring, operations, audit and assurance, financial statements, quarterly reviews, as well as prepare your corporate and individual income tax returns.

We are experienced in working with all types of organizations that provide legal recreational cannabis, medical marijuana, hemp farming, and ancillary services. We regularly partner with law firms and tax attorneys to defend our clients against the taxing authorities.
Our shows cater to the business end of the cannabis industrial space, putting decision-makers in front of other decision-makers in a professional and secure environment.


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