The 2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Oklahoma Summit and Expo, April 3-4 at the Central Park Hall in Tulsa, will feature some of the top industry professionals, researchers and brand representatives in a seminar format focused on education, optimization and standard practices. 

Thrive Agritech develops products and technologies that support the advancement of sustainable agriculture. Formerly Transcend Lighting, the company changed its name in 2017 to “better reflect the diverse array of products and technologies we will be bringing to the horticulture market in the coming years,” per the company website.

With an emphasis on technology, Thrive Agritech aims to “lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprint.” From technical support to financing and energy rebates, Thrive Agritech wants to help your business succeed at all levels of the cannabis industry.

Visit the Thrive Agritech booth at 2020 West Hall at the Central Park Hall.

An expert in the field of manufacturing and utilizing LED light systems, Jay Marshall of Thrive Agritech plans to discuss early plant development, flowering strategies, and how to maximize plant yield – all while covering the fundamentals of LED implementation – during the 2019 OKCannabis Expo in Tulsa.

The leader of Thrive Agritech’s Strategic Partnership Team in the Upper Midwest, Marshall brings more than 20 years of expertise and will speak to event attendees from 9:15 a.m.-10:15 a.m. on April 3 in Seminar Room 2 during the Optimizing Cultivation segment.

Oklahoma is among several states which have recently revised medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana laws and ordinances.

According to the Associated Press, “as of March 11, [Oklahoma] state regulators have approved licenses for 1,109 dispensaries, 1,972 growers and 553 processors. In addition, 63,647 patients have qualified to receive MMJ products.”

Save 25% on tickets for the B2B Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Summit and Expo. With medical cannabis now booming in Oklahoma, take the time to join thousands of industry professionals, researchers and brand representatives in Tulsa to learn about the expanding and profitable opportunities in this region’s fast-expanding market.

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