The 2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Oklahoma Summit and Expo, April 3-4 at the Central Park Hall in Tulsa, will feature some of the top industry professionals, researchers and brand representatives in a seminar format focused on education and optimization.

Bratic Enterprises focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability, services and value-added products pertaining to the cannabis industry.

“Our owner worked in the automotive industry in sales, purchasing and operations, which lead to opportunities to consulting for the same industry. Eventually, he decided to start his own business and founded Bratic Enterprises, LLC in 2003,” per the company website. “We have more than 16 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector, particularly designing custom LED lights and circuit boards to design simulation for a customer’s property. In addition, we have performed engineering and commissioning of Solar and CHP projects. And recently tying together all our products and services in the Cannabis Industry.”

Visit Bratic Enterprises at Booth No. 1023 in the East Hall.

Stevan Bratic, owner of Bratic Enterprises, will join us in Tulsa to discuss the importance of energy efficient and cost-effective lighting. From maximizing yields to controlling production costs, Bratic has the background to thoroughly cover all related topics. The value of lighting can’t be stressed enough, so be sure to watch Bratic’s presentation from 12:45-1:45 p.m. on April 3 in Seminar Room No. 2.

According to the Associated Press, “as of March 11, [Oklahoma] state regulators have approved licenses for 1,109 dispensaries, 1,972 growers and 553 processors. In addition, 63,647 patients have qualified to receive MMJ products.”

Save 25% on tickets for the B2B Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Summit and Expo. With medical cannabis now booming in Oklahoma, take the time to join thousands of industry professionals in Tulsa to learn about the expanding and profitable opportunities in this region’s fast-expanding market.

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