Every decision you make in your grow, from the lighting you choose to the medium you plan to grow in, will have a variable impact on your spending over time.

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If you’ve decided to start growing cannabis and you already have a basic understanding of the best growing environment for your plant to thrive, then you probably are wondering whether you should grow your plants indoors or outdoors.

Growers on either side will insist that their way is the best way. Ultimately, your safety and success are the two most important factors you need to consider. Although growing cannabis indoors has its risks, the growing environment can be kept perfectly controlled according to your plants’ needs.

When cannabis is cultivated indoors, the caretaker has to artificially establish all the required conditions. Compare this to cultivation outdoors, where nature produces all the right environmental factors such as oxygen, water, sunlight, “ventilation”, nutrients and CO2.

Growing cannabis plants inside has some very evident benefits but requires a lot more work than simply putting a roof over their heads. Despite the work, there are a number of major advantages of growing marijuana indoors. These advantages (and some disadvantages) will be covered below.

Hygienic environment



Indoors, you have control of the environment, and that’s great news, as long as you’re taking care of that environment. You will have a very clean and hygienic space compared to the many possible variables that can figure into an outdoor growing equation. This is especially important for growers who are hoping to make medical use of their plant product.

When cannabis is cultivated with medicinal function in mind, it needs to be completely free of germs, fungus, parasites or any other microscopic organisms that can cause illness. People with weak and sensitive immune systems or breathing systems need to consume products that are free of every insect, spore or pesticide (taking respiratory allergies into account). Read more about a clean marijuana grow room

Control your climate


When the installation has been properly completed, you’ll have excellent conditions for the cultivation of your plant. This means that sufficient light will be provided and that the temperature is perfect and that the plants are sufficiently nurtured all the time.  Elements that can be adjusted in an artificial setting are the temperature, ventilation, levels of CO2, the quality of substrate and fertilizers.

Because of this possibility, the plants can be provided with the exact sources needed. Plus, the grower wouldn’t have to worry anymore about a humidity that is so high that all the plant get covered in mold. They equally don’t have to worry about periods of drought that dry out the plants, or about storms that can destroy an entire cannabis production in just one day.

Indoor growing of Cannabis ensures a good quality product guarantees a high-quality product and a good profit, unlike outdoor crops which harvest can fluctuate in quality and amount depending on the outdoor conditions.

Multiple harvests


Outdoor growing has certain benefits, but being at the mercy of the seasons is not one of them, especially if you live in a northerly latitude or in a relatively inhospitable. Cannabis is an annual plant, with a few flowering periods a year, and if you don’t have perfect conditions, you probably won’t be able to achieve the maximum amount of harvests.

Several harvests can artificially be conceived per year if techniques for continual harvesting are used. Hypothetically speaking there could be 6 flowering periods a year because it takes the plant 2 months to mature and flower. Like this, you can grow cannabis all year round. You only need two rooms, one for the vegetation phase (18 hours of light) and one for the flowering phase (12 hours of light).

The cannabis plants mature in the flowering room where they get 12 hours of light to 12 hours of darkness. Meanwhile, the grower places the cuttings in the growing room exposing them to 18 hours of light to 6 hours of darkness. Here they will stem and sprout while the plants in the first room have reached the end of the maturing stage. When all of the previous has taken place, all you have to do is put a new set of cannabis plants in the flowering room. During the earlier blooming period, this new set of Cannabis plants ceased to grow. With this method, you can potentially achieve up to 6 harvests annually.

Growing is fun



The bottom line is that indoor Cannabis cultivation can be a lot of work. It’s a craft, and it takes a lifetime to master all the many subtleties of indoor growing. But like most crafts, it can be a lot of fun. It’s a wonderful learning experience, and it can be a very stimulating and healthy hobby.

Cultivating cannabis by those with a medical need causes one to focus on other things than his or her poor health condition. It is an amusing occupation that teaches about plants with, “healing” potential, and just that can have a relaxing effect. Medical users can also adequately self-regulate because growing inside gives you the right amount of the product and good quality.



Despite all the pros and advantages, indoor growing is not without its problems. As stated above, the whole operation can be a lot of work. If it isn’t something you are willing to invest time in, it probably won’t be for you. Plus, it can quickly add up to a substantial financial investment. It’s fairly difficult to set up, and you’ll need to check up on it regularly.

You’ll also want to be very careful about the law. There are a lot of places in the world where it might be illegal for you to set up a growing operation indoors. You want to be careful and make sure you protect yourself and those around you before you even begin.

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