Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Sun Valley Health exhibiting at our February Cannabis Business Expo in Phoenix, booth number 100. “Sun Valley aims to provide cannabis patients with the nation’s finest certification experience with a strong emphasis on professionalism and exceptional medical care.”

They focus on quality versus quantity, rejecting the status quo culture of ‘seedy’ and ‘transactional clinics’ by ensuring that each patient feels cared for and safe in a professional and clinical environment.


The couple behind Sun Valley have a long history of witnessing and advocating the benefits of medical cannabis. Living with psoriatic arthritis and attending college in Colorado, one of the founders got his medical card in 2005 and has experienced the certification process more than a dozen times to stay legal. A lifelong advocate of medical marijuana and a serial entrepreneur, when he and his wife moved to Arizona, they were outraged to see that there was little or no clinical process to getting a card: most clinics were lacking professionalism, organization, and did not focus on patient care. This was the spark that lit the flame…

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