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} Your hub for cannabis industry B2B information

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to announce the launch of, your centralized location for all information regarding our cannabis industry business-to-business expo series.

Whether it’s St. Louis in July, or Chicago in September, is your source to learn about our cannabis industry B2B events: Purchase tickets to attend, register to become a vendor/exhibitor, apply to become a guest speaker, see who else is attending via our CAD floor model — and much, much more.

Chicago 2019: Make Your Mark in Illinois

Chicago, along with the entire state of Illinois, is an emerging market in the cannabis space. Join us in the Windy City to make meaningful connections within the industry. Register today for early-bird specials.

Equipment Spotlight Pavilion

Get an up-close-and-personal look at extraction and other manufacturing apparatuses — all presented in a true factory setting — in our Equipment Spotlight Pavilion, which is new for Chicago. We’ll feature several manufacturers, so secure your space today.

John Hartsell of DizPot has taken full advantage of the available resources at our cannabis industry B2B expos

“This was our second (Cannabis Industrial Marketplace) event,” Hartsell said in April while at our B2B in Tulsa, Okla. “Two times in a row, the organization has really provided a positive environment for us. Everybody we’ve talked to, or are really close to, are qualified buyers of what we sell, which is packaging specific to the cannabis industry.
And that’s really important to us, because we get a high-quality conversation with a lot of customers all in one place, and a new market (Oklahoma) for us. It really puts us on the map. We really appreciate the heck out of you guys.”

Big Win in Birch Run

In February 2019, CIMP hosted a cannabis industry expo in its home state of Michigan. Insiders, influencers, decision-makers and experts gathered, forming bonds and sharing ideas on how to maximize their presence in the cannabis space.

“It’s a completely new growth opportunity for a lot of existing businesses previously in different industries,” said Michigan Cannabis Association director Josh Hovey. “This isn’t just for the state in terms of the tax revenue and the direct jobs, but there area a lot of spin-off economic benefits because of all the needs this new industry will have.”

Like Tulsa, the event was a massive success. Check out the provided by Fox 2 Detroit by clicking the above button. We take great pride in providing a secure and professional environment at our industry meetings and we look forward to seeing you in attendance.

For further information, please contact our expert sales team.

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Sales
(810) 547-1349

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