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At Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, we monitor every move within the marijuana space: Legislation, political, financial and medicinal. Because of our attention to the rapidly growing industry, we’ve been at the forefront of the economic side of recreational and medical cannabis. Because of our attention to the details in this rapidly growing industry, we were the first to hold post-elect business-to-business expos in Michigan and in Oklahoma. 

And we’ll be the first in Illinois as well. 

Our Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Expos and online resources assist business professionals make connections, gain brand exposure, and learn about critical topics at our expo educational seminars. 

After exhibiting at the Tulsa, OK expo, Martin Taylor, president of said, “The show itself was set up and executed perfectly. We found many clients, and one client in particular that gave us our largest order to date! We will definitely  be attending more.”

Stay in the know when it comes to the cannabis business by following Cannabis Industrial Marketplace — we’ve published hundreds of marijuana legal, political, and medical articles in our news feed page keeping our audience up to speed. 

On May 31st, Illinois approved House Bill 1438, legalizing recreational/adult-use marijuana. With the move, Illinois became the 11th state to make that decision. States such as Wisconsin and Missouri are also heading into that direction.

After speaking with an expert in the business and tax field, Bryan McDonald of CPAMD in Chicago, it’s become clear that several more states, if not all of them, will eventually have legal marijuana — just as soon as its Schedule-1 designation is lifted, the legal industry will likely multiply at breakneck speeds.

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Through April, the state of Missouri has made more than $3.6 million from pre-applications for medical cannabis dispensary licenses, subsequently tilling the land perfectly for our metro St. Louis MoCannabis Expo on July 23 and 24, 2019. The market is wide-open and ripe with immense economic potential, and our B2B expo provides a timely opportunity to capitalize on the marijuana movement in the Show Me State.







The approval of HB 1438 creates perfect timing for those looking to increase exposure within the cannabis industry, and to register for our upcoming business-to-business event, 2019 ChiCannabis Expo, on Sept. 19 & 20 at the Donald J. Stephens Convention Center. Illinois’ market is expected to flourish, after recreational cannabis is legal on Jan. 1, 2020.

There is money to be made in Illinois, which is expecting millions to be pumped into its economy due to the passing of HB 1438.

Our Chicago expo, will include a one-of-a-kind cannabis cultivation equipment pavilion.  Set up in a true-to-life, factory-like environment attendees will learn and see the latest and greatest in cannabis equipment and business solutions.






If you’re in the cannabis industry, and you’re looking to maximize exposure and make connections, Illinois and Missouri — among other states that will be highlighted in this blog — are certainly two states in which you should consider. If you’re looking to get into the cannabis industry, the same applies. Our B2Bs aren’t for the end-user, rather for those on the business side of cannabis who are interested in professional development and entrepreneurship.

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