As the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared in the United States and as states went under stay-at-home orders, it was unclear how the cannabis industry would fare. As many states gave cannabis “essential” status and cannabusinesses saw an increase in sales, conversations around the importance of the plant to the nation’s recovery began.

According to Forbes, “‘Cannabis is going to be an important part of the economic recovery,’ predicted Adam Goers, vice president of corporate affairs for Columbia Care. ‘First and foremost is tax revenue,’ he said. ‘In 2019, the cannabis industry generated over $15 billion in sales, and in 2020, certainly the projections prior to the Covid crisis were almost $17 billion.’”

Not only are cannabusinesses able to help the economy on a larger scale, there are some cannabusinesses that are doing all that they can to support each other, and their communities, through these hard times.

And it doesn’t stop there. Here are just some of the businesses we have had the pleasure to work with, doing great work for their communities:

1. Harvest 360 Technologies – Harvest 360 Technologies LLC is a cannabis IP development company

combined with a full-service consulting and management firm that provides sustainable bus

iness development solutions.

Our value is tied directly to your success. At Harvest 360 Tech we strive to create a customer experience based on trust, loyalty, and exceptional performance. –

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2. Anion – Anion(R) Extraction Systems are the newest revolution to the

cannabis extraction equipment providing the features you want with the safety you need. Anion(R) Extraction Systems are renowned for quality, safety, and efficiency. -(720) 526-2940

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3. Sun Valley Health – “Sun Valley aims to provide cannabis patients with the nation’s finest certification experience with a strong emphasis on professionalism and exceptional medical care.”

We focus on quality versus quantity, rejecting the status quo culture of ‘seedy’ and ‘transactional clinics’ by ensuring that each patient feels cared for and safe in a professional and clinical environment. – (866) 420-4206

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As Leafly reported: “In today’s war on COVID-19, America’s $10.73 billion legal marijuana sector is rapidly redeploying assets to help fight SARS-CoV-2, with the goal of saving as many lives as possible. Legal cannabis makers have begun repurposing hash supply chains for hand sanitizer. Marijuana farmers are donating pest control gowns to desperate hospitals. And once-derided ‘pot shops’ are running food drives to keep America’s most vulnerable fed.”

And here are more Cannabusiensses doing great work for their communities:

4. Aljan Packaging – Inspired by two people, Al and Jan, and even named after them, our company is based on their family’s foundation of passion, commitment, honesty, respect and being financially responsible. All of these virtues transfer to how we do business and how we treat customers. Sharing our knowledge and experience in packaging and advanced printing technology allows us to give brands an edge in the marketplace. Printing the details, we support the driving force of inventive and impactful packaging. The combination of this philosophy with price-conscious packaging solutions and over-the-top customer service, ends up as the perfect recipe for happy customers. – 414-768-8080

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5. CPAMD – As your partner in medicinal cannabis tax and business needs, we work with cultivators and distributors. We can help cannabis clients navigate the complex world of IRC Sec 280E, IRC Code Sec 263A and to secure the lucrative Research and Development tax credits to minimize federal and state income taxes and surcharges.- (844) 471-1166

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