Every decision you make in your grow, from the lighting you choose to the medium you plan to grow in, will have a variable impact on your spending over time.

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Before you actually begin growing weed, you must determine where you’ll grow the plants. The first distinction at this step is pretty obvious – will you grow them indoors or outdoors?


Choosing a space outside for cannabis plants is relatively easy as they will be in their natural habitat and simply need to be placed in an area with adequate light. If you live in an area that experiences rainy weather in summer and fall, I would suggest setting up a greenhouse or small hoop-house. These will provide protection against precipitation and provide greater environmental control. One of the major things to consider before growing outside is the proximity of your neighbors and whether the plants will be visible to onlookers. Security is a major concern when growing outside – even in legal states. Many legal states also require the plants to be grown in a locked and sectioned off area – make sure to check your local laws.

Overall, it’s important to recognize that growing outdoors is the most natural way to produce cannabis – the sun is the ultimate grow light. That said, you are also subject to Mother Nature and her elements, which can make total environmental control near impossible – even in a greenhouse. The reason so many people cherish indoor grown cannabis is because with the right equipment, total environmental control is achievable. Growing outdoors also runs a higher risk of pest and animal issues.


There are lots of potential places you can grow indoors; basement, closet, garage, spare room, bathroom, etc. When selecting the best place to grow cannabis indoors, there are several things to consider.

Size: Consider the size of space you want to dedicate – can it accommodate a grow tent or will you build it out? One of the major criteria that often gets overlooked is height – cannabis plants like to grow tall and the light can’t be too close to the plants. Grow tents are typically 6.5 feet tall which means you’ll need just over six and half foot ceilings if you intend to use a full size grow tent. The taller the ceilings the better, especially if you are building out the room and can mount the lights to the ceiling. Shorter areas are certainly possible but not recommended.

Exhaust: Does it have access to a window or adjacent room for purposes of exhausting air? Unless you are planning to grow pot in a sealed room, which requires the use of CO2 and A/C, you’ll need to constantly cycle air through the room or grow tent. This will require using an exhaust fan that typically pushes air through ducting and out of the room or grow tent.

Temperature: Is the area you are considering temperature controlled? Remember marijuana plants like a specific temperature range and anything outside of that begins to stress them out. It’s also important to keep in mind that the grow light will raise the temperature of the area you are growing in – so selecting a cooler zone is preferable.

Security: Similar to growing marijuana outside, it’s important to select an area that is relatively discreet – you don’t necessarily want everyone that visits your home to know you cultivate cannabis. Per state laws, you may also have to keep your cannabis in a sectioned off and locked area.

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