Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Best Value Vacs from Naperville, IL exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 313. Best Value Vacs provides the most economical and effective vacuum chambers, extractors, and material processing equipment on the market. Although it is essential to keep costs low, they realize that the strength of their brand depends on innovation and product line expansion. They believe that it is with the utmost importance to make Their products superior to competition by offering excellent customer service and using high quality materials. Through quality control, they ensure that most of the items are shipped same or next day.

Best Value Vacs is your vacuum chamber headquarters. They are an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum chambers. These chambers are used to create an airtight, isolated environment for performing purging, degassing, infusion and more. With their economical vacuum chambers, you’re able to perform and test vacuum applications without having to purchase an expensive industrial vacuum chamber. Whether you’re in a laboratory, university, or industrial setting, their chambers can affect operations of all scales while remaining economical.

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