Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Cannabis Law LLC from Chicago, IL exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 549. is your gateway to the fast moving and sometimes complicated development of the legal cannabis industry in the United States. Get to know them. They want to be your lawyers, lobbyists, advisors, and consultants for your cannabis business.

History records periods of dramatic shifts in social values. They are experiencing that time again.
At Cannabis Law LLC they have been through this before. They are experienced in navigating the legal, regulatory and legislative pathways of social change. Sanford Stein, the founder of Cannabis Law LLC, first emerged in the sweeping development of environmental law when that too was a new and to some, threatening realignment of values. Public demand for a safe and healthy environment drove that early demand for environmental improvement through new laws, regulations and agencies. The result is a most positive improvement to health and lifestyle now embraced and replicated worldwide.

Today old, outdated notions of cannabis are also challenged in a grass roots understanding that a medicine recognized through 5000 years of human use should be available again in a controlled and regulated regimen. They are witnesses to this next revolution. Applying the same principles and skills that were successful before, they are excited to again be at the forefront of social change.

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