Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have IT Risk Managers LLC from Chicago, IL exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 608.

Make your next IT emergency your last.

The next time you address an IT emergency, make sure you don’t have to address it again. In fact, make sure you don’t have IT emergencies. Make sure you have the same type of 24/7-fast, always-up, always-secure network fortune 500 companies do. Ensure that even with today’s more complex, more dynamic IT systems and demands, that you always have a swift, secure, simple IT solution – the kind that IT Risk Managers can affordably provide your company.

Gain a powerful new perspective on your company with an industry-first IT health assessment.

If you’re concerned with the risks facing your company because of your present IT structure and capabilities – you’re not alone. Your network’s hardware, organization, and security should concern you.

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