Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Luna Technologies from Portland, OR exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 316 Luna Technologies is a state-of-the-art cannabis oil extraction company. They develop forward-thinking industry technology that supports their belief in the medical and social benefits of clean, consistent product.

Their meticulously designed equipment fosters a superior level of workplace safety for the end-user. And, as an Earth-conscious team, they set engineering goals to decrease energy consumption; and reduce greenhouse gas and noxious emissions. Their advanced hydrocarbon extraction method sets a new standard for safety, quality, and consistency.

They started extracting cannabis oil for the medical market in 2012, only to recognize the inadequacy of available equipment. Inspired to develop a superior system, they started constructing their own. They began piecing together various subsystems and components from industry suppliers only to realize the catalog available to extractors were substandard, and they weren’t prepared to compromise their vision.

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