Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Com Ed from Chicago, IL exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 610 They Are the Largest Electric Utility in Illinois.

ComEd is an energy delivery company. They do not own power plants and they do not make electricity. They deliver electricity to your home or business. To do this, they manage more than 90,000 miles of power lines in an 11,400-square-mile territory. Since 2001, they have invested more than $5 billion in our electrical transmission and distributions system to continue to provide customers like you with the quality service you expect and deserve.

Providing safe, reliable electric service to their 4 million customers is just part of what they do. They also help you discover new ways to save money on your electric bill, and show you how you can help the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint. They’re doing their part for the environment as well.

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