[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cannabis Industrial Marketplace’s 2019 Chicago Summit & Expo will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on September 19-20 in Rosemont, IL and will include a new competition for participants to submit ideas with the finalist taking home a free patent filing.  This trade show gives businesses the opportunity to network and exhibit their latest services, technology, and equipment pertaining to the cannabis industry. This will be Chicago’s first industrial cannabis expo and you don’t want to miss out. Join us as an exhibitor or just come out as an attendee to witness the beginning of something great. https://www.cannabisimp.com/chicago-expo/next-great-canna-idea/




A once in a Lifetime Chance to Bring Your Idea to Market

On Sept 19th and 20th ChiCannabis Summit & Expo will be home to The Next Great Canna Idea™. The expo will take place at the Douglas E. Stephens Convention center right outside of Chicago, IL. The Cannabis Industrial Marketplace has showed unbelievable timing with their series of Midwest Cannabis Expos. The show last month MoCannabisExp.com was just weeks before Missouri applications were due, and now with 75 new dispensary licenses being issued in Illinois; in conjunction with expansion of Adult-Use, the value this show brings to prospective applicants is extremely high.

ChiCannabisExpo.com is adding a new element this round! We are excited to announce that Clement Hayes, Scientist, Patent/Business Attorney and Founder, of Block45 Legal has decided to sponsor The NEXT GREAT CANNA IDEA™, an American Idol style competition, where one lucky winner will go home with a complete patent package from Block45 Legal, Business Mentoring by Clement Hayes, and a patent representation agreement from Harvest 360 Technologies to bring their new canna idea to market.

Here’s how it works, the first step is to register at ChiCannabisExpo.com. On Thursday the 19th of September each contestant that has registered will have 5 minutes to explain their idea to one panelist during the “Seedling” portion of the competition. Finalists will be invited back for the next step… “Blooming” on Friday September 20th to do a presentation in front of the full panel of experts. One winner will then be selected to have their idea come to fruition.

All initial Canna Idea presentations will be done in private to protect the privacy of the contestants ideas and the panelists will sign non-disclosure agreements. For the final presentations all spectators will sign forms to attend. This will be the first contest of its kind in the Cannabis Industry, and Block45, H360 and the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace hope to make this a staple at all Cannabis Industrial Marketplace events as a traveling idea roadshow.

ChiCannabis Expo and Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

The foundation of the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, “The Business of Cannabis” is a free to use online sourcing tool of nearly 4,000 Cannabis friendly suppliers. The online resource is utilized by Cannabis cultivators and dispensaries to find new business partners. – Coupled with this online presence, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace also produces a series of expos and educational cannabis business seminars in emerging markets across the United States. The Sept 2019 Chicago Cannabis Business Expo and Summit will be the fourth in the 2019 series followed next by expos in Florida, Arizona, and Michigan.

CIMP, LLC (Cannabis INdustrial Marketplace) is a sister company of Strategic Market Solutions, LLC (SMS) and TotalWeb Partners (TWP) of Clio MI. SMS and TWP have been working in the B2B space for the past decade helping Midwest industrial companies secure highly qualified leads. CIMP is now implementing this proven B2B lead generation strategy within the Cannabis Business Marketplace.

Block 45 Legal

Block45 Legal is a full service business law firm. Our attorneys have years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and emerging startups, offering straightforward business consulting along with legal counsel. Our attorneys are deeply knowledgeable in all types of business formations and will advise on which one(s) are right for your situation. Block45 Legal is driven to see opportunities for our clients, along with adding value through insightful business and legal counsel. As your partner, we are invested in your success.

Harvest 360 Technologies LLC

Harvest 360 Technologies LLC works with clients that are positioning themselves to take advantage of new and emerging cannabis and hemp markets around the world. These are the businesses that understand the importance of differentiating their brands, developing scalable operations, and high impact growth opportunities through licensing.We build and manage strategic relationships with organizations, businesses, institutions, and government agencies around the world. Through this, our clients leverage the expertise necessary to expand their products, services, and reach to viable new markets in the most efficient and effective way.We empower our clients with a deep understanding of target markets, competitive landscapes, and solutions to achieve market advantages and capitalize on specific innovations and business opportunities for exponential growth.


Cannabis Industrial Marketplace – Jen Wynn jen@cimpllc.comChiCannabisExpo.com – 636-346-1266

Block45 Legal – https://block45legal.com/ Clement Hayes contact@block45legal.com 303-353-4531

Harvest 360 Technologies LLC https://www.harvest360.com/ Joshua B. Alper josh.alper@harvest360.co 312-296-8910[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”THE NEXT GREAT CANNA IDEA Press Release” color=”green” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdocumentcloud.adobe.com%2Flink%2Ftrack%3Furi%3Durn%253Aaaid%253Ascds%253AUS%253Aaea0a6ce-fd60-4093-8e53-79d0324cec06|title:THE%20NEXT%20GREAT%20CANNA%20IDEA%20PRESS%20RELEASE|target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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