Marijuana has been in the decriminalization process since 1973 with many states over the years passing laws to either authorize the use of marijuana or prohibit it. It is time to stop treating marijuana like a deadly drug, when science and public opinion agree that it is relatively safe for adult recreational and medical use. With recreational and medical marijuana on the verge of nationwide legalization, marijuana growers and dispensaries are popping up everywhere.

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Oklahoma has legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Best of all, this includes growing. In June of 2018, Oklahoma voters decided to legalize marijuana use by 56%, and within a few months, the state made applications for medical marijuana licenses available online. The win was not overwhelming, however. Although voters did not limit marijuana use to edibles and tinctures, the Oklahoma Board of Health decided to ban smokable marijuana and require the use of licensed pharmacists at dispensaries.

Medical users are now allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana or one ounce of concentrates. They may also have up to 72 ounces of edibles. Patients are limited to having 3 ounces in their possession at any one time. Those without a medical license may face a misdemeanor charge as long as it is less than 1.5 ounces. Caregivers (those who purchase or grow marijuana for patients) are allowed if the patient is homebound. Oklahoma also has a CBD law that permits low THC liquid CBD for pediatric epilepsy. There aren’t any defined conditions for the medical program yet, but a physician’s recommendation is required.

As of November 2018, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana is not operational.

Fines and taxes

Oklahoma now recognizes medical marijuana, but if you do not have a medical recommendation, you can face stiff penalties and fines. Oklahoma still has a marijuana tax stamp program that requires those with any form of marijuana to pay taxes on their stash.

In order to be compliant, Oklahoma residents are supposed to purchase stamps that prove they have paid for the marijuana they possess. The tax rate is $3.50/gram. If you do not purchase the stamps and are caught with your plants or any amount of weed, you then have to pay an additional $7/gram. What is interesting, however, is that most of the plant is not considered marijuana by state. Stalks and seeds (as well as any oil produced from these parts of the plant are not considered a drug). So, if you are growing your own, learn how to make edibles out of the extra stuff.

Growing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma allows home cultivation – as long as you have the recommendation of a physician. Patients may have 6 mature plants and 6 seedlings. Dispensaries will sell marijuana, but it will likely be processed marijuana in the form of tinctures or edibles. At least for now, if you want to smoke marijuana legally under the medical marijuana program, you will need to grow it yourself.

Growing without a medical recommendation is considered a felony with a mandatory minimum of 20 years in jail. On top of that, if you own the land you are growing on, the penalties increase. The law changes when you grow more than 1000 plants, so if you must grow this way, do not get caught. Yes, it is that simple. Grow as few plants as you need and do so in a way that no one sees or smells it. I realize many people have not been growing as long as I have so I took some time to create a guide on how to do this. I included this in the Marijuana Grow Bible. It is a free download book that spells out how to grow under any situation- even in Oklahoma.

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