On February 26 and 27, 2019, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace held a business-to-business event at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, Michigan, highlighting some of the brightest professionals in the cannabis industry.

With a wonderful crowd on-hand, CIMP hosted the educational and enterprising event to inspire the current and next generation of cannabis-related industry professionals this past February in Mid-Michigan.

While meeting and greeting those in attendance, LED expert Jay Marshall of Thrive Agritech discussed the topic of lighting, adding useful information about strengthening yields and establishing better practices and procedures.

“This show’s been absolutely fantastic,” Marshall said. “Everything, from all of these exhibitors here — the interactions have been much more intimate than I’ve experienced at other shows. And the educational segments have been on-point.”

Elaborating on the topic, Steven Bratic of Bratic Enterprises shared his knowledge on efficient lighting, which is a core element of successful cultivation. “We’re actually set up here so that way we can help our clients understand the benefits of being more energy-efficient and more sustainable in their growth process,” Bratic said.

Industry insiders weren’t the only ones to participate in the event, as members of Mt. Morris Township — the site of the expo — witnessed the vast potential of the cannabis business.

“Just to have them out here as well, and to be able to see the businesses that are working together and (to see) what’s happening in our industry,” said Ashley Andrews of DCC Construction. DM Burr Security recognized a potential new market as well, presenting new ideas on the security and transport of products.

“We think that if we get into this early enough, we could be a really strong player (in the industry),” said Mark Langkos of DM Burr Group.

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