Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Gourmet Garden Fertilizer from Stockbridge, MI exhibiting at our Feb Cannabis Business Expo in Birch Run MI, booth number 139/140. Gourmet Gardens – a company that specializes in soil-less gardening equipment and plant specific fertilizers.

What separates Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula from the rest?

Cogo’s Original Cannabis Fertilizer Formula is an all-purpose grow and bloom that produces quality results and saves you money by eliminating the need to buy two types of fertilizer. This product is formulated with cannabis nutrient carriers that contain no unnecessary ingredients to interfere with plant growth, which can pollute nutrient solutions and eventually cause unnecessary vegetative growth. This formula contains no CHLORIDE or SODIUM and is formulated with calcium nitrates that encourage a larger and stronger plant cell structure. This is a complete formula of all 16 elements that plants need to produce high quality clean cannabis in two bottles. No additives needed.

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