It is of great pleasure to be featured on the cover of The Michigan Medical Marijuana Report magazine. MMM Report is a free monthly medical marijuana publication , who for over 6 years has been committed to bringing the latest news to patients and caregivers. Distributing roughly 20,000 copies statewide including the upper peninsula as well as extending into Ohio. The MMM Report reaches people worldwide with its online presence.

The Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is an online sourcing solution for Cannabis and Marijuana businesses revolutionizing how the Cannabis Industry finds qualified suppliers. With the exponential growth of Cannabis and the realization that the business of weed is here to stay and growing daily, many online information centers have popped up. Some list supplies, others provide a list of growers, some have dispensaries, and a few include a bit of everything, but none are designed around the needs of the Cannabis business owner, until now; “The Cannabis Industrial Marketplace ( is sourcing done right

Free to Use – No charge to search online and save favorite suppliers or search areas.

Free Detailed Listings for Suppliers – No charge to list details of any cannabis friendly supplier.
No Registration – Easily access all of the information all of the time.

Direct Communication – The Cannabis Industrial Marketplace helps directly connect buyers and sellers.  Every company listing includes a phone number, website url, email address, and postal address.

Search – Search by name, supply type, or region.

Regulations and Licensing – 
Comprehensive listing of laws and regulations for all 50 states with easy to download license applications

CIMP, LLC, the company behind the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, is industrial focused with a proven strategy for businesses.  CIMP LLC’s principles are founded in nearly two decades of helping business, industry, and manufacturers find qualified opportunities online.

The website is all about business and sourcing. lists supplier info, not smoking info.  The site content is focused on helping businesses find partners within the laws, not changing them.  Additionally, the site is continually growing, publishing more business data, services, and products daily; not updating THC menus.

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace’s Key Advantage – With a foundation in online marketing, the CIMP. LLC development team, headed by Gavin Siver, an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, created the most user friendly AND search engine compliant cannabis directory website.  Not only can humans easily find what they are seeking, but so can Google’s spyders.

The site was designed with all published supplier and product data highly visible to the search engines.  Thousands of pages of data are interlinked with supplier websites, contact details, news stories, and government legislative pages that have a high domain value.  No other industry site casts this wide of a data net, with dual focal points on user experience AND search engine visibility.

In addition to the online initiatives, the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is supported with multiple traditional marketing channels.

USPS Mail – A mail campaign to qualified and licensed dispensaries nationwide introducing the marketplace.

Email – Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is blitzing qualified businesses with a series of Emails about the website’s functionality, content, and ability to add free new company listings for qualified suppliers.

Phone – An in house team of telecommunication professionals is reaching out to directly educate potential users and business partners about the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace.

Expo – As trade shows and networking are prerequisites for any serious business campaign, supporting the site is “Cannabis Industrial Marketplace’s 2019 Michigan Summit and Expo” with a mega cannabis business partners networking mixer.

The Expo will be the first in Michigan post-election; Feb 26 – 27, 2019 at the Frankenmuth Event Center in Birch Run, MI.  Unique to this show is the 100% focus on business, not culture, and not smoking.  Strictly business, with an all business networking mixer the evening of Feb 26th in the giant mezzanine of the event center overlooking both show floors.

The state of Michigan’s legislature allows counties flexibility in setting regulations for Cannabis licensing, with Genesee and Saginaw counties being the most open to cannabis businesses, and the
Expo is on the county line between them in the heart of Michigan’s Cannabis Country!

“It is important that everyone understands, this will be a business and non-smoking event,” said Anthony Delduca, senior sales representative for CIMP, LLC.  Adding, “I have traveled to many cannabis shows claiming to be all business, and in talking with other attendees, the conversation would often include the unanticipated impact of “cannabis culture marketing” on the show experience.  Reinforcing our mantra “The Business of Cannabis.” We are not promoting or being drawn into the swell of culture, advocacy, or politics, rather our sole focus is business to maximize attendee and exhibitor benefits.  Our solutions online and off line connect qualified business buyers and sellers within the Marketplace.“

Further distancing the pure business strategy of the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is the business consulting hall in the Expo.  A private limited attendance pavilion (Tier 3 tickets required) will have a group of 7 cannabis business experts for 1 on 1 private meetings about the primary concerns of cannabis business owners; regulations and legal issues, accounting and bankability, high volume production, security, marketing, tracking, and more.

The “Cannabis Industrial Marketplace’s 2019 Michigan Summit and Expo” will be the best in class based on content and focus, not venue or celebrity. It will feature 70,000 square feet of expo floor space, 2 days of educational seminars about everything from setup to packaging, and the biggest cannabis networking mixer in Michigan.

Register for tickets and booth space at with pre-election reservation savings.

What Is

A comprehensive source of business to business goods & services for Marijuana & Cannabis growers and processors.

What you can find on  From seeds, to packaging, to legal services; you can find every Cannabis business need on Cannabis Industrial Marketplace website.

What won’t you find on  No listings of cannabis brands or retail dispensaries, rather the website provides a breadth of data to interconnect industrial buyers with industrial sellers.

What does offer to business service suppliers?  There is no charge to be listed on Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, and all qualified Cannabis friendly business supplier are strongly urged to submit their company info for a free listing.  As there are thousands of companies listed, paid premium top tier positions have huge visibility and activity advantages, and are available to suppliers on a first come first serve basis.  Contact CIMP LLC’s sales team to learn about advertising in front of the largest and most qualified online Cannabis business audience, 810-547-1349; [email protected]

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