Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have BM & J Cannabis Marketing of Tulsa, Oklahoma exhibiting at our April Cannabis Business Expo in Tulsa, OK, booth number 1029.  They are a team of branding, social media and PR experts, heavily engaged and connected in the cannabis industry. Their team drives results for their clients. Together, their approach is simple. Be effective, innovative and positive. Bring the best team into every project. Build solid relationships through shared values. Deliver strong results while providing great service. They make life easier for their clients. They deliver excellent service through committed account management.

The Process:

Brownie Mary & Jane is a full-service cannabis marketing and consulting agency, dedicated to cannabis industry products and services. They partner with companies who share their vision of reinventing an industry that has been unfairly stigmatized for decades. Their team’s advantage is in their exhaustive marketing experience, allowing them to position their brands ahead of the curve. When strategizing, they encourage their clients to look 10 steps ahead and to lead trends rather than follow them.

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