Missouri continues to take a harder look at the legalization of cannabis/marijuana. This week in the state capitol, a council held session to review several proposals.

The following is a re-post of an article written by Nicole Roberts of the News-Tribune (Jefferson City, Mo.)

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The Jefferson City Council heard a proposed amendment to the zoning code Monday regarding a few medical marijuana facility regulations.

The council will hold a public hearing and vote on the amendment May 20.

After Missouri voters voted to legalize medical marijuana in November, the Missouri Constitution places medical marijuana facilities into four categories:

  • Medical marijuana cultivation facility — a facility that farms, stores, transports and sells medical marijuana.
  • Medical marijuana testing facility — a facility that acquires, tests, certifies and transports medical marijuana.
  • Medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facility — a facility that specializes in marijuana-infused products.
  • Medical marijuana dispensary facility — a medical marijuana retail establishment.

The proposed city amendment only applies to medical marijuana cultivation and testing facilities, along with medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities. City staff plans to propose a different ordinance for medical marijuana dispensary facilities next month, said Sonny Sanders, director of the Jefferson City Planning and Protective Services department.

Medical marijuana testing, medical marijuana cultivation and medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities would not be allowed within 1,000 feet of then-existing elementary and secondary schools, childcare centers or churches, under the proposed bill.

While the city has the ability to enact a lower separation requirement, City Planning Manager Eric Barron previously said, the 1,000-foot separation aligns with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ recommendation.

Under the proposed amendment, medical marijuana cultivation and testing facilities, along with medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities, would be permitted only in M-1 Light Industrial and M-2 General Industrial districts.

Ward 2 Councilman Rick Mihalevich said several residents have expressed concerns regarding foul smells from marijuana facilities. City staff could add an odor control requirement to business licenses for those facilities to help regulate the smells, City Counselor Ryan Moehlman said.

Medical marijuana facilities licensed by DHSS must comply with state requirements, regulations and procedures for implementation and enforcement, according to the proposed amendment.

Last month, the Jefferson City Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the proposed amendment.

DHSS has received 499 pre-filed applications — totaling nearly $3.6 million — as of April 25, according to its website.

Applications and instructions will be available starting June 4, and DHSS will begin accepting applications for identification cards on July 4.

DHSS will accept facility applications beginning Aug. 3.

The cultivation facility application fee is $10,000. The dispensary facility and medical marijuana-infused manufacturing facility application fees are $6,000.

In other business Monday, the council reviewed a $909,116 construction contract with Jefferson Asphalt Company to complete the city’s 2019 street resurfacing project. The overlay list contains nearly 15 street sections.

The City Council will vote whether to approve the contract May 20.

The council also heard a proposed bill Monday that would rename West Miller Street (Rear) — from its intersection with Hart Street to its intersection with West Miller Street — to Courtney Way.

City staff said the street name change would help eliminate confusion.

The council will vote on the bill May 20.

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