Strategic ValueDeliverablesSilverGoldPlatinum
Customer Targeting
Social Media
SEO Keywords and Permutations81624
Keyword & Competitive ResearchIncluded
On-Page Optimization Build, Refine, and Update Landing Pages, Metadata, Mobile, Geo, and SitemapQuarterlySemi-mthly.Mthly.
Off-Page Optimization Link, Bookmarking, Forums, and Search Engine Submissions
Social Media Optimization, Blog Marketing, and Optimized Posts Blogs & Articles (On & Off Site)4 / mth.6 / mth.9 / mth.
Measurement & ToolsDetailed Tracking, and Reporting, with HelpdeskKeywords
Keyword & Link Strategy Analysis and AdjustmentQuarterlySemi-mthly.Mthly.
Advanced Technology
Attract & Engage Users
Site Analysis, Keyword Adjustments, and UpdatesQuarterlySemi-mthly.Mthly.
New or Upgraded Content Pages4 / yr.6 / yr.10 / yr.
CostsMonthly Cost$600$1,000$1,500
Weed WorksIncludes: Intel, E-blast, Recurring Email, and CRM$200Included
Weed Works+ (12 hrs / mth specialist)$420 / mth.$210 / mth.Included