Every decision you make pertaining to your dispensary plays a role in the overall experience for the customer. The environment plays just as big of a role as the cannabis itself.  

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If you’re the owner or operator of an up-and-coming cannabis dispensary serving customers and patients, one of the most important parts of tracking your sales and revenue will come from your point-of-sale (POS) system. For businesses that are listed on Leafly, one of the best ways to maximize store pages is to integrate Leafly menus and POS systems.

To get the full scoop on POS integration, how it can impact your cannabis business, and how dispensaries listed on Leafly can use it to maximize their listing, we caught up with Leafly’s own client success specialist, James Scott, and developer Andrew Otwell.

What is POS integration?

POS systems can be integrated with a variety of other tools and functionality. For example, POS menu integration allows a dispensary to automatically feed inventory information into a menu. On Leafly.com, POS menu integration allows a dispensary to automatically feed inventory information to their corresponding integrated menu on our site.

Please note that POS integration on Leafly only updates a dispensary’s menu. All other features of a dispensary Leafly profile will still need to be updated manually, but POS integration helps do away with the time-consuming task of updating a large menu.

How does POS menu integration software work?

This allows a point-of-sale system to push menu items through Leafly’s API directly to a dispensary’s Leafly menu. Once POS integration is enabled  you will be unable to edit your menu from within Leafly. Instead, all edits must be performed from the POS. Edits you make in the POS will be reflected in the corresponding products on the Leafly menu.

Why should dispensaries use a POS to keep Leafly menus up to date?

With a proper audit of the store’s inventory beforehand, and if a store follows strict formatting procedures when in-taking new product, it will eliminate the need to focus valuable employee hours on updating the menu. For stores that struggle to keep an up-to-date menu, or for stores with a large inventory, it can be an invaluable resource to keep menus accurate for their customers. It also allows clients to use other parts of their Leafly profile that they may have neglected due to the labor of updating their menu.

What are the biggest pitfalls to consider when setting up Leafly integration with a POS?

The biggest pitfalls going into an integration come from:

  1. Not performing an initial audit of a dispensary’s inventory before turning the integration on. As integration relies on data built into individual products in the POS, if any of them leave the “strain” or “brand” fields left blank or filled out incorrectly, those menu items may be incomplete or missing from the Leafly menu.
  2. Not following a consistent inventory intake procedure. For example, leaving a strain field blank or mismatching the strain also listed in the “name” field can cause inaccurate data to be floating around in your POS. It is possible to fix after the fact, but again, if the goal with POS integration is to spend less time managing menus, formatting products properly the first time will eliminate costly corrections further down the line.

Original Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/why-you-should-integrate-your-menu-with-your-pos-system

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