Clio, Mich. – Oct. 4, 2020

Now more than ever, having a vast, international network is vital. Business is no longer a local only solution, and the will help businesses break through to world wide markets.

With the transition to online, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace has dedicated all of our resources to hosting the most comprehensive cannabusiness expo, open to cannabis professionals across the globe, and we would like to invite Israel’s cannabusiness professionals to join us.

Unlike other events, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace’s events (Virtual and in-person) target qualified attendees while staying hyper-focused on the business. 

We don’t offer free entry to boost our numbers, create a lot of worthless buzz, and dilute the value.

Our events are 2 days, not never ending over-dressed zoom meetings, and they are held for businesses, during business hours to promote genuine connections between professionals.

Following a similar model to our in-person expo, our virtual model will have educational seminars, networking opportunities, A WORLD WIDE AUDIENCE, and a comprehensive navigable show floor with 1 on 1 live video feeds and booth previews. Our exhibitor booths are much more than an alphabetical listing of partners.

Additionally the Virtual Expo will have new features exclusive to a virtual event, that will be of particular value in the current business climate:

  • Global Connections
  • 1-on-1 Chats with Other Participants
  • Round Table Topic Based Discussions
  • Advocacy Sponsor Booths and Sessions

Through the pandemic, the cannabis market has demonstrated its essential status and continued to flourish while other industries declined. Utilize this opportunity to make connections and establish a foothold in this mainstream market through our international network of top-tier cannabusiness exhibitors and other industry professionals.

“Our goal is to continue giving cannabis businesses an opportunity to connect and do business with other industry professionals,” said Jen Wynn, vice president of expositions for Cannabis Industrial Marketplace.

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